One Man's Story

I guess it was 2006 when I got my first camera Canon 30D and that`s how I started to take pictures. Of course it was  quite challenging at first. Learning to use the camera and understand meaning and ways behind photographing. I started to take long exposure pictures at night time, and wow I was hooked in.

I was especially interested to take pictures from Motocross because I have a background as a Enduro driver and I had competed it. Then came ice hockey and for a while I noticed that I would have to take a step up and buy a new camera that had better ISO sensitivity because of ambient light and fast shutter speeds. I’m really interested of all the technical issues, gear and tools for photographing but it`s not all of the game.  It has taken many years of trying but I’am happy to say that my dearest hobby is now my profession. I love what I do. Like many people say; try, fail, try, fail, try... Success. And do what you love.

I'm Photographer

I`m 35 years old professional photographer from Finland and I have photographed over ten years. As you can see from the photos my passion is to capture sport photos. I always  try to learn new techniques and think how to get better. But overall my passion is to take photos, all kinds of photos. I like to photograph many subjects because I have found that there are similarities between the subjects and those similarities are supporting each other. So I`m open for any kind of opportunities. Please don`t hesitate to ask if you need good, open minded photographer.

My Gear:
  • Canon 1Dx 2pc
  • Canon objectives from 15mm f/2,8 fisheye to 400mm f/2,8 IS
  • Elinchrom RX battery flashes
  • Godox AD 360 battery flashes, Godox AD 600 flash and Godox speedlites
  • Remote controls
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