Newspaper/Magazine Photography
I have done photographing for many magazines and newspapers. I`m cost-effective photographer who does not charge for extra. Please don`t hesitate to ask offer from me.
Sport Photography
My speciality is to photograph sports and that`s what I have done most. I love to do sport photography and I guess you can find that passion from photos.
Individual/Company photography
I like to do cooperation with companies and individual people. Let`s work together!
Wedding Photography
This is one of the most important days of your life and I want to capture it. My advice for you is that search pictures from online and compare photographers and pick up the one you like. If you like my style and want to have a professional photographer who has a top gear and mind so full of ideas that I can make your special day even more special then please contact me so I can capture the day for you.
Photography Classes
I will set up a photography class where I will teach my special tricks for sport photography. So if you are interested in learning and want to update your knowledge please contact me and join in. Only in Finnish.
I have own video team so if you need videos please contact me and ask the offer.
Contact Me